Personal injury at work leads to £200k payout for nurse

A senior staff nurse’s personal injury at work, sustained by slipping on a Hampshire hospital’s wet floor, has recently led to a £200,000 personal injury compensation payout, personal injury solicitors say.

Hampshire native Lisa Fraser, from Lee-on-the-Solent, sustained serious leg injuries in the incident at the Southampton General Hospital.  The thirty four year old senior staff nurse has not been able to return to work, nor does she have the ability to live independently in the wake of the incident, according to her personal injury claims.

Ms Fraser, who may very well need to rely on crutches in order to move for the rest of her natural life, has filed a personal injury compensation claim against the NHS Trust for Southampton University Hospitals, her former employers.  The former nurse’s legal counsel claims that no warning signs had been in place in order to indicate that the floor was still wet from being cleaned, which led Ms Fraser to injure herself on the slippery surface.

According to a recent article published by the Southern Daily Echo newspaper, Ms Fraser’s damages claim is understood to be anywhere between £150,000 to as much as £200,000.  This because the likelihood of her condition improving is low, which means that she would now face severe limitations to her future earning potential.

Her former employers have admitted that they are guilty of a ‘breach of duty’ regarding the former nurse’s injuries.  However, they claim that Medirest, the contractors that were responsible for cleaning the hospital, should be the ones held liable for neglecting to put up any sort of warning signs.

In the wake of her injuries, Ms Fraser has taken on a two year contract with the Southampton General Hospital as a research nurse.

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