Greasy floor caused woman to fall into vat of chicken curry

A 47 year old woman is seeking personal injury compensation from her former employer after she fell into a vat full of boiling hot food.

The personal injury at work occurred in October 2010 while Sudesh Bala was employed at Shoba UK Ltd. The woman had been making chicken curry for an exhibition at Birmingham’s NEC when she slipped on a greasy floor.

She fell into the 50kg vat of food and suffered severe burns to her buttocks, groin and legs. Because the woman was working on her own, it took her more than five minutes to attract the attention of colleagues.

Bala was hospitalized for two weeks after the incident and had to have skin grafts. She then spent the next three months bed-bound. She still needs to wear support garments to prevent her skin from peeling and she has frequent nightmares.

Shoba UK went into liquidation recently but the victim has engaged a firm of personal injury solicitors to take action against the firm’s insurer Ageas. Ms Bala claims she received no training and had to purchase her own safety equipment.

Ageas has denied liability for the incident and Bala’s personal injury claim is now likely to go to court.

Recent figures from the Health and Safety Executive show that 233,000 workplace injuries were reported between 2009-10 and these resulted in 5.1 million lost working days.

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