Wiltshire teen claims £200k in medical negligence damages

After her GP neglected to properly diagnose her ear infection, one eighteen year old Wiltshire native from Warminster is seeking a £200,000 medical negligence compensation claim for damages.

According to the personal injury claims of Gaynor Salmons, who resides in Lane End, in Corsley, delays in the diagnosis of her condition resulted in her development of a rare condition called mastoiditis.  According to personal injury solicitors involved in the claim, the bone condition, which routinely results from the spread of an ear infection, affects the mastoid bone, which is located in the skull.

Gaynor, who has now had to relinquish her dreams of one day working as a paediatric nurse, now suffers from persistent headaches, impaired vision, and hearing loss, according to an article recently published by the Wiltshire Times newspaper.  Miss Salmons, had attended Dr Kevin McBride’s surgery in Warminster, where she was diagnosed with a burst ear drum after complaining of earache, according to the details of a London High Court writ.

Gaynor soon began to exhibit additional symptoms of dizziness and headache, however.  This led her to be prescribed antibiotics in an attempt to treat what the doctor had then diagnosed as glandular fever.  Over the next several days Miss Salmon’s condition continued to deteriorate, which resulted in her eventual admission to the Frenchay Hospital for emergency treatment.

According to the High Court writ, Miss Salmon claims that if she had been referred to the hospital in a more timely manner, she would have been able to have made a full and complete recovery.

Legal representatives for Dr McBride, when given the opportunity to comment on the teenager’s claims, chose to decline.

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