Medical negligence during birth led to personal injury claim

A woman has recently been awarded personal injury compensation after errors during her ante-natal treatment left her needing a hysterectomy.

The woman went into hospital to give birth but a natural delivery was not possible and she was given a caesarean section. She was discharged a few days later despite having low blood pressure and a raised pulse.

Later the same week, the woman was re-admitted with a painful, distended abdomen. It was then discovered that she had suffered a ruptured womb during the birth which doctors had failed to spot at the time.

Because of the delay in diagnosing this problem, the woman developed septicaemia as well as a haematoma, and she needed a hysterectomy. She spent several days in a coma and was hospitalised for nearly a month. Even after returning home, the woman required a lot of help and she still has ongoing symptoms which have prevented her from carrying out her previous occupation.

The woman felt she had been a victim of medical negligence and contacted a firm of personal injury solicitors to raise a claim on her behalf. The lawyers forwarded the personal injury claim to the relevant NHS Trust, which admitted liability and made an initial settlement offer.

However, this award was deemed unacceptable because the victim has been left with long-term health problems. The two sides entered into negotiations and eventually the Trust agreed to pay the woman £95,000 medical negligence compensation.

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