Personal injury solicitors join Sound Off for Justice Campaign

Personal injury solicitors throughout the UK are joining in the Sound Off for Justice Campaign to fight against Kenneth Clarke’s proposed cuts to the legal aid budget.

The government intends to slash £350 million from the legal aid budget and in doing so will deprive many UK citizens of their right to justice, according to opponents of the plan.

The Sound Off for Justice Campaign has launched an online petition and is urging members of the public to sign it or leave a message expressing their opposition to the cuts.

One firm of personal injury lawyers, Express Solicitors, said access to legal aid is vitally important to large sections of the community and without it they will not be able to pursue claims for medical negligence or personal injury compensation.

Under the new proposals, anybody owning a property valued at more than £200,000 would be unable to get legal aid, regardless of their other financial circumstances. The majority of homeowners in London and the South of England would fall into this bracket. This seems particularly tough, especially on first-time buyers who have piled all their spare cash into putting down a deposit. They are highly unlikely to have any spare cash at all.

The government is keen to stamp out the ‘compensation culture’ which is highly prevalent in the UK at present, but is this the right way to go about doing it. The majority of people do not believe it is.

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