Patient data leaked to no win no fee lawyers from hospitals

Hospitals have been leaking confidential patient data to no win no fee lawyers, according to the recent words of an MEP.

North West UK Independence Party MP, Paul Nuttall, recently called for an investigation into the situation, calling it outrageous that medical professionals would resort to collaborating with personal injury solicitors in such a manner.  Mr Nuttall claims he has been contacted by several members of the public who had received treatment at hospitals in The Wirral and Liverpool, only to be then harassed by injury solicitors shortly thereafter.

The MP commented that he had been approached by several angry constituents who have been plagued by unsolicited texts sent to their mobile phones after being treated.  However, both hospitals have patently denied any wrongdoing or direct involvement.

Mr Nuttall countered their claims by stating that the only way that these accident firms could have obtained the information was through a hospital source.  He was unsure if the Wirral and Royal Liverpool Hospital Trusts were complicit in the behaviour, or if some medical staff are acting independently, but the MP was adamant in wanting to learn more in order to put an end to the practice.

Hospital trusts across the country have had to make budget cuts, Mr Nuttall said.  However, if they have begun to engage in selling confidential and private information in order to fill their coffers, this outrageous practice must be prosecuted under the Data Protection Act, he insisted.

One spokesperson for the NHS Trust for the Royal Liverpool categorically denied any wrongdoing, remarking that these allegations are entirely false.  She insisted that the hospital has not had any incidents where medical staff have been found to be selling patient information to solicitor firms.

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