Fractured leg costs employer £30,000 personal injury compensation

A man who fractured his leg in a motorcycle accident has won more than £30,000 damages after his personal injury solicitors raised a claim against his employer.

The personal injury at work occurred in his workplace car park. The car park was poorly maintained and the wheels of his scooter went into a large pothole which was several inches deep and over a metre wide. The resulting jolt sent the man flying from his bike.

After the accident, the man was taken to hospital and needed to undergo surgery to repair the serious leg injury he had sustained.  He then suffered complications after the surgery which necessitated further treatment and a long recovery period.

As a direct result of the accident, the man has a long term mobility restricting disability and permanent scarring.

The victim felt that the accident would not have happened if the hole had been filled in and so he contacted a firm of personal injury lawyers to represent him.

The employer accepted liability for the incident and an interim personal injury compensation payment was awarded to the victim. The final settlement included an amount for loss of earnings and expenses for treatment and rehabilitation.

In this particular case, the employer could not have failed to notice the pothole, and should have taken immediate steps to rectify the problem and safeguard users of the car park.


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