No win no fee claims responsible for GP surgery rent increases

Private “no win no fee” claims firms challenging rates set by the NHS have led to GP surgery rental prices soaring recently, personal injury solicitor sources report.

These firms, which enter into negotiations on behalf of GPs with the NHS, boastfully exclaim that they can generate millions of pounds for their clients.  Meanwhile doctors recently remarked that it was ‘despicable’ to use private surveyors in order to raise rent values arbitrarily.

GP surgeries set their rent every three years through the use of an independent district valuer working for the NHS.  However, private firms that operate out of the surgeries can file an appeal of this valuer’s determination.

One of these firms that have challenged these NHS negotiations, GP Surveyors, remarks on its website that it has gained an additional £4.5 million for its clients by carrying out 500 ‘rent reviews’ in 2010 alone.  The London-based company located in Harley Street, delineates a wide range of tactical choices used to increase NHS rents on its website, and one doctor who availed himself of their services was described as ‘incredulous’ at the large renatl price increase the company achieved.

However, one Scottish GP from Falkirk  recently labelled those medical professionals who increase their rent through the use of private surveyor firms as greedy. Dr John Leonard remarked that he was ‘staggered at the greed of these doctors, as the NHS is constantly asking its doctors to try to save money to pay for costly equipment and medical negligence claims, yet some have the temerity to look for a bigger payout for themselves instead.

The system as it is right now, said the doctor, is quite generous and does not necessitate the need to look for more cash.

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