Lying to obtain personal injury compensation is not a good idea

Graham Loveday, a Welsh lorry driver, has discovered that lying to obtain personal injury compensation is not a good idea.

After being involved in an RTA, Loveday claimed that he was very badly injured and could only drive a wheelchair. And yet after filing a personal injury claim for £1 million compensation, he set off on a caravanning holiday to Italy.

The cocky Welshman even posted photos of his 2,000 mile trip on the social networking site, Facebook. Loveday is now enjoying a nine month ‘holiday’ in one of Her Majesty’s prisons, after being found guilty of lying in court documents 14 times.

Loveday made his personal injury claim after being involved in a minor incident with an elderly motorist. He claimed the accident left him with chronic stress and a phobia about driving, as well as leaving him dependant on a wheelchair.

His insurance claim said he had to rely on his wife as help him with mobility and that he became violently ill if he had to go in a car! He went as far as to say he would do anything to avoid travelling by car and would prefer to be locked up in the safety of his home.

However, Loveday and his wife still managed to take a road trip to Lake Garda. A surveillance team from Saga motor insurance took photographs of the couple getting ready for their holiday. A few days after returning from the trip, Loveday told a personal injury solicitor that he had made the trip by plane from Swansea airport; a blatant lie the insurance company’s barrister said.

Loveday’s wife, Susan, received a six-month suspended sentence for her part in the attempted fraud.



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