Girl hit by falling mirror, say personal injury solicitors

One young five year old girl was struck by a falling mirror whilst in the company of her mother at a high street fashion shop, say personal injury solicitors familiar with the case.

According to personal injury claims experts writing for the Kingston Guardian newspaper, little Sinead Skilton was struck on the head by the 70kg mirror, which measured two metres in length, as she had been shopping at the Jane Norman fashion store, located on Clarence Street in Kingston upon Thames, with her mother.

At a recent hearing at Richmond Magistrates’ Court, judges were told the extent of Sinead’s injuries, which included damage to her teeth and injuries to her face.  Julie Jarman, the young girl’s mother, agreed that while the wounds were not life threatening, they had the potential to change Sinead’s life permanently; Mrs Jarman’s injury solicitors also told the court that the mother was concerned for her daughter’s future in the wake of the shopping accident.

The mirror in question, which had been specifically designed with the ability to be moved about the store, had not been fitted properly, the court also heard.  A nearly identical 2007 accident at the Crawley branch of the store was also described where a younger child also suffered injuries due to the same type of mirror, learned the court.

During the hearing, Jane Norman admitted to breaching the Health and Safety at Work Act a total of four times, which led to a £49,200 fine for their role in the young girl’s injuries.  The national store, which had more than 60 outlets spread across the UK before it went into administration earlier in 2011, was also ordered to pay court costs totaling £8,233.

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