Injured motorbike rider sues 2 schoolgirls for £300k

After suffering severe personal injury due to his collision with a van caused by avoiding two schoolgirls who had stepped out into his path, an injured motorbike rider has decided to sue both of them for a total of  £300,000 in personal injury compensation.

According to a recently published article in the Wimbledon Guardian Newspaper, South West London native Dennis Porter, aged sixty, became paralysed in the wake of colliding with an oncoming Ford Transit van after he had no choice but to swerve to avoid the two girls.  Mr Porter’s personal injury claims indicate that the two girls, who had been on their way home from school, had been negligent for their failure to cross the road safely, which led to his catastrophic and life-changing injuries.

Mr Porter’s personal injury solicitors explained, in a writ issued to London’s High Court, how the two fifteen year old schoolgirls, had decided to attempt crossing Hackbridge’s London Road not by using the nearby pedestrian crossing, but by darting in between the slow moving cars.  Mr Porter had no choice but to attempt to evade the two schoolgirls when they stepped directly into his motorbike’s path, thus directly leading to his Suzuki SV 650 colliding with the Ford Transit.

The sixty year old man has submitted a personal injury claim of £300,000 for lost earnings and damages.  One of Mr Porter’s legal professionals recently remarked that, since the man took ‘heroic’ action to avoid the two girls, the man is now completely paralysed and will have to rely upon aid from other people for the remainder of his natural life.

Legal representatives for the two girls involved in the incident have declined to comment at this time.

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