Botched cosmetic surgery could be caused by medical negligence

More and more people are opting for cosmetic surgery, but sometimes striving to have the perfect face or body can go seriously wrong.

In the United States, there are now “revision” doctors to put right the mistakes of cosmetic surgeons. And an increasing number of patients are seeking medical negligence compensation.

A UK businesswoman won £6 million personal injury compensation earlier this year after cosmetic surgery left her paralysed down one side of her face.

The most common form of cosmetic surgery in the UK is breast implant surgery. Although around 8,000 women have this procedure every year, complications can occur. Any doctor can set himself up as a cosmetic or plastic surgeon even though he may not have received any surgical training! It’s therefore important to ensure your surgeon belongs to the British Association of Plastic Surgeons.

Janet Allan, a legal expert at Thompsons Solicitors, a leading firm of personal injury solicitors, said patients must be aware that there may be a gap between their expectations and what can actually be achieved.

She went on to point out that patients having surgery at a private clinic should always check that insurance cover is in place in case something goes wrong. Filing a medical negligence claim against a clinic without insurance could result in zero compensation.

Anyone who believes that their cosmetic surgery has gone wrong will need to prove that they received substandard care and that that care was responsible for the outcome. The best thing to do if you find yourself in this sort of situation is to contact a firm of specialist medical negligence solicitors who have experience in dealing with similar lawsuits.

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