HM Prison liable for injuries caused to Levi Bellfield

Levi Bellfield, the man convicted of killing the 13 year old school girl, Milly Dowler, has lodged a claim for personal injury compensation against the prison service. Bellfield claims that he was attacked and suffered cuts while awaiting trial at Wakefield Prison last year.

Personal injury solicitors acting on behalf of the murderer say their client has instructed them to seek personal injury compensation on his behalf.

Although HM Prison Service has admitted liability in the case, a statement said that does not mean Bellfield will automatically receive compensation. The statement went on to say that it would be inappropriate to comment on as a detailed personal injury claim has not yet been received from either Bellfield or his solicitors.

Bellfield, a former nightclub bouncer, was convicted of the March 2002 abduction and murder of Milly Dowler and in June this year he was sentenced to a whole-life term in prison. He was already incarcerated after being found guilty of the murders of two other young women.

A lawyer from Carter Moore solicitors pointed out that the prison authorities have a duty of care to all prisoners and despite this they placed Bellfield in a prison wing that was not suitable for a prisoner in his category classification. Another prisoner attacked him with a makeshift weapon leaving him with injuries to his mouth and face.

The solicitor added that every UK citizen had the right to claim compensation for injuries that resulted from negligence or omission.



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