Burnley handyman narrowly escapes death in fall from roof

One handyman from Burnley narrowly escaped death after he fell through the roof of a factory in the town, personal injury solicitors have recently said.

The 67 year old man, whose name has been withheld from the media for privacy reasons, had been employed by engineering company Lupton and Place at the time of the incident in September of 2010, according to the man’s personal injury claims.  The handyman had taken a step backwards and ended up tumbling through a roof panel, only narrowly escaping injury when his fall was broken after a four metre drop by landing on a machine cover .

The Government’s Health and Safety Executive brought the engineering firm before Reedley Magistrates’ Court, where judges heard that the firm had permitted the contractor to ascend to the roof of the factory without any sort of safety measures to prevent a fall.

After an admission of being in breach of the Health and Safety at Work Act, Lupton and Place Ltd was given a fine of £6,000 for their part in the man’s injuries.  The firm, which produces components for the electronics, defence, and automotive industries, was also to ordered to pay court costs of £6,250 as well.

In a statement given in the aftermath of the court hearing, one HSE investigator remarked that the contractor, who had been working for the company for more than three decades, was completely unmonitored or controlled in regards to the work he was doing upon the roof of the factory.

Calling the handyman ‘incredibly lucky’ to emerge without suffering a personal injury at work from his ordeal, the HSE investigator said that he could have been injured quite seriously or even fatally.  A more sensible option would have been through the use of a cherry picker to send someone to the roof in order to fix the leak, the investigator added.

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