Medical negligence during birth cost hospital £42,500 + costs

A couple who lost their baby son four days after he was born have received personal injury compensation from Lincoln hospital NHS Trust.

The mother had a smooth pregnancy and arrangements had been made for the baby to be delivered at the Grantham and District MMU. When the woman started having contractions she was taken to the unit and it was discovered that her son was in the breech position. She was then transferred to Lincoln County hospital as this had neonatal and obstetric services.

Upon arrival at the hospital medical staff decided that a caesarean section could not be performed and the baby was delivered vaginally. However, because the unborn infant was in the breech position, there was a problem delivering his head. He was very poorly on birth and need intubation and resuscitation. The baby was transferred to the Neonatal Unit but died a couple of days later.

The parents visited a firm of personal injury solicitors because they felt that both the MMU and hospital staff were guilty of medical negligence. They thought the baby’s heartbeat was not monitored properly during the transfer from the MMU and also that a consultant Obstetrician should have delivered the baby. They contended that if this negligence had not occurred, the baby would have been born earlier and would have survived.

The Trust paid the parents medical negligence compensation totalling £42,500 as well as settling their legal costs.

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