Bed bug bites cause illness, say personal injury solicitors

After their stay at a London hotel included a raft of bed bug bites that caused them to fall ill, two sisters have been awarded personal injury compensation.

Personal injury solicitors experts recently said how Kent natives Joy McDonagh and Melanie Carmen had been staying in a north London hotel to take in the sights last summer when the incident occurred.  Both sisters, who had booked accommodations at the Pimlico based Airways Hotel, suffered more than 100 bed bug bites between the two of them after sleeping in their hotel beds.

Both Ms Carmen and Ms McDonagh were taken to Bexley’s Queen Mary’s Hospital in order to be treated for the virulent reaction they both had to the bites.  Hospital staff administered both antihistamines and antibiotics to treat the two women, according to their personal injury claims.

Both Ms Carmen and her sister were left suffering with symptoms similar to the flu, including itching and deep aches.  Ms McDonagh, whose reaction was much more serious than her sister’s, was still receiving treatments a month following her stay at the hotel.

In order to make sure no one else was plagued as miserably as they were, the two sisters took legal action against the hotel’s managerial staff.  While the hotel has declined any opportunity to comment on the size of their recompense, both women have received a personal injury compensation award for their horrific experiences.

The Airways Hotel has garnered itself a reputation for having a particularly nasty bed bug infestation.  One traveler even filmed their room, revealing the activity of the parasites as they scurried about the room.

The NHS Information Centre remarked that more than 3,600 people sought out hospital treatment for arthropod or insect bites in the 2010-2011 year.

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