Football fans beware; police dogs can cause personal injuries

The football season is upon us again and police often have their work cut out trying to control the crowds. The police regularly have police dogs with them when they are on crowd control duties, but the canines occasionally bite supporters leaving the police facing claims for personal injury compensation.

One such incident took place in April 2010. A season ticket holder from Barnsley was walking to a derby match against Sheffield United when he was bitten by a police dog. Whilst he was being escorted by the police to Bramall Lane, along with about 150 other Barnsley supporters, Sheffield United fans started taunting the group.

The police then removed the season ticket holder from the group and he was bitten by the dog. To add insult to injury he was arrested and a section 27 banning order was used to forbid him attending football grounds anywhere in the UK.

The victim contacted a firm of personal injury solicitors to help him file a personal injury claim for assault, police negligence, false imprisonment and breach of human rights. The police eventually agreed to pay him £3,750 personal injury compensation.

In another similar case, Tommy Meyers, a 20 year old Crystal Palace supporter was set upon by a police dog when he was on his way to attend a match at the Madejeski Stadium in Reading. He suffered dog bites to his face but the police refused him access to antibiotics and he now has permanent scarring.

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