78% of annual personal injury claims come from car crashes

78 per cent of the annual personal injury claims figures are comprised of people making road traffic accident related personal injury compensation claims, new official figures from the Government say.

Personal injury solicitor experts say that there has been a streamlining of how road traffic victims are assisted as a result of such a large number of compensation claims.  With a mind to making select kinds of compensation claims resolved more swiftly and with less stress  to the injured, the new approach allows undisputed claims under £10,000 in value to be taken care of in a much more efficient manner without the normal setbacks and delays these types of cases are usually accompanied by.

The Motor Accidents Solicitors Society and other organisations have recently been established in order to render specific assistance to those who have sustained injuries during traffic accidents.  As the injured parties in such accidents are usually the vehicle’s passenger, the carrying vehicle’s driver or the other third party motorist is usually held liable for any damages that may have been sustained to the passenger.

A large number of personal injury solicitor firms specialising in road traffic accident possess the experience and knowledge necessary to render assistance to passengers that need to prove the vehicle’s driver was the one responsible for the accident and their injuries.  Solicitor experts will usually begin by collating police accident reports or witness statements, as the information gathered can be utilised to make a successful personal injury compensation claim.

The other kinds of road traffic accidents that may lead to personal injury claims include those which occur while riding on a bus as a passenger, cycle accidents, and hit and run victims.

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