Couple forced to sell home to settle personal injury claim

A Manchester couple are going to have to sell their home after a neighbour filed a £20,000 personal injury lawsuit against them after a minor accident occurred outside their house.

The 45 year old victim, Foroozan Panahandeh, hired a no win, no fee lawyer after a two foot long piece of plastic guttering fell on her while she was putting out her rubbish bins. She then instructed her personal injury solicitor to file a personal injury claim against her 52 year old neighbours on the grounds that she suffered injuries to her neck, knee and left shoulder.

The Iranian victim claimed the accident had left her in pain for more than three years after the incident occurred and that she now had problems working on a computer and was unable to take part in sporting activities.

Initially she sued both Salford City council and the owners of the ex-council house for breach of statutory duty. The case against Salford council was discontinued but a judge at Salford County Court ordered the couple to pay £20,254.81 in compensation and costs.

It is thought that Mrs Panahandeh will only get around £3,000 in personal injury compensation, personal injury lawyers around £13,000 and the remainder taken up in court costs. The lawyers charged a whopping £220 per hour and claimed they had written 112 letters over more than 11 hours and spent five hours making 49 phone calls.

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