£70,000 payout for woman hit on pedestrian crossing

A Polish woman who was hit by a car on a pedestrian crossing while on her way home from work has accepted an offer of £70,000 compensation for her injuries after enlisting the help of a firm of personal injury solicitors.

Five different medical experts were consulted in putting together the woman’s case for personal injury compensation, which was handled by Preston-based AAX Law.

The company’s senior consultant, and specialist in handling cases arising from serious road accidents and personal injuries at work, Simon Tanner, took up the woman’s case.

He said: “Because of the complex nature of the multiple injuries the woman suffered, we sought advice from medical practitioners specialising in no fewer than five disciplines – a neurologist, an ear, nose and throat consultant, a psychiatrist, a trauma and orthopaedic consultant, and an eye surgeon.

“They concluded that the woman had suffered a wide range of physical injuries, as serious as a fractured skull, along with a range of chronic psychological symptoms arising from the incident.”

The woman also told her legal advisers that she had continued to suffer from dizziness and hearing loss.

And although she accepted an offer of £70,000 in damages, Mr Tanner believes that incidents which result in such serious injuries have the potential to be settled for much higher sums.

“In 30 years as a personal injury law specialist, I have helped clients secure compensation amounting to more than £5million,” Mr Tanner said.

“I would recommend that no one accepts an offer of compensation made soon after an incident, and instead speaks to an expert in personal injury law, who will advise them impartially on their chances of securing an improved payout,” he added.

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