Man files personal injury claim after losing part of his brain

A man who lost part of his brain due to an error on the part of a surgeon is now planning to file a personal injury claim.

63 year old John Tunney had a biopsy at the Walsgrave Hospital in Coventry because a tumour had been located in his pituitary gland. However, instead of taking out the tumour, the surgeon took away healthy brain tissue.

As a direct result of this medical negligence, Mr Tunney suffered permanent injury to his brain and is now partially sighted. He also needs constant supervision.

The NHS Trust responsible for the hospital, University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire, has accepted liability for the error. Richard Kennedy, the chief medical officer for the trust, said he regrets the outcome and offered his apologies to the victim and his family on behalf of the trust.

He went on to explain that the case has been reviewed thoroughly and measures implemented to prevent this sort of accident happening again.

OneĀ personal injury solicitor said this was an example of why the government should carry on supporting people who have suffered medical negligence, rather than restrict their access to justice. The government should be lobbied to make sure those who have suffered have access to redress.

Mr Tunney says he wants personal injury compensation and a full investigation conducted into the incident.

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