Lawyers’ perseverance sees injured motorcyclist win 50 per cent higher payout

An offer of £15,000 in personal injury compensation for injuries suffered by a motorcyclist was eventually increased by almost 50 per cent, thanks to the efforts of his legal team.

Personal injury solicitors at AAX Lawhave recently settled a claim which will see their client, now 39, receive the sum as compensation for injuries suffered in a road accident nearly four years ago.

The personal injury claim took a long time to be settled as the defendant’s solicitors argued that psychological effects that the man suffered in subsequent years were not caused by the crash.

But the claimant said that anxiety which he suffered before the crash, was greatly increased as a result of it. He also suffered what his legal representative, AAX Law senior consultant Simon Tanner, called “chronic and intrusive” tinnitus as a result of the crash.

When the legal team from AAX Law was told that the man had been made an offer of £15,000 compensation, they took on his case, and eventually negotiated a payment of just over £22,250, which the man is entitled to keep in full.

AAX Law’s senior consultant, Simon Tanner, said: “I am extremely pleased with the outcome of the case. It has taken quite some time to settle, but if a client has been made an offer that is far less than I feel they are entitled to, I will continue with proceedings until an appropriate offer is negotiated.

“It is in our client’s interests to persevere with their case, especially if in the long term it will financially be more beneficial for them, particularly if they are unable to work as a direct result of the injuries they have suffered, be it physical or psychological damage.

“As with any personal injury case, we are resilient and determined to obtain the maximum amount of compensation they are entitled to by law.”

Mr Tanner added that seeking a quick settlement of a claim “is not always the right decision to make.”

“If we feel the client is entitled to more than what the defendant’s insurers offer, we will always advise our clients to persevere. I think this also reflects how committed we are to our clients.”

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