Learn how to process personal injury claims as an apprentice!

As apprenticeships go, this one is quite unique! Two Bristol youngsters recently joined Co-operative Legal Services as its first ever apprentices.

Over the course of the next 12 months, the two will provide administrative support and help progress customers’ personal injury claims. They will receive regular assessment from an external assessor until they are deemed competent enough to receive a Level 2 qualification.

The Co-operative set up the Apprenticeship Academy in June this year, with the aim of offering 2,000 young people the opportunity to obtain transferrable skills.

Meanwhile, people in Nottinghamshire have been warned against responding to unsolicited text messages offering to help them claim personal injury compensation.

Nottinghamshire County Council’s Trading Standards Team Manager, Nicola Schofield, explained that such text messages are often sent by fraudsters attempting to access personal information such as bank details. She went on to advise people with a legitimate claim for compensation to contact a personal injury solicitor rather than responding to scam messages.

The Information Commissioner’s Office recently reported that in the first half of this year it received as many complaints about unsolicited mobile phone text messages as it did throughout the entirety of 2010. As these messages are sent on a random basis, many of the recipients have never been in an accident. If you receive one of these messages, the best advice is to ignore it completely and not be tempted to reply YES or STOP to the sender.

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