Pallet company worker severs two fingers, say solicitors

According to personal injury solicitors familiar with the details surrounding with the incident, one West Yorkshire pallet firm employee partly severed two of his fingers whilst on the job.

The operator of the machine, whose name has been withheld due to privacy concerns, had been on Huddersfield-based Shaw Pallet Ltd’s night shift when the personal injury at work occurred.  The machine operator had found that the chute underneath a block saw had been leaking sawdust, but in his attempts to fix the leak, the tops of two of his fingers came into contact with the moving parts of the machine, which severed them.

After the accident, the machine operator was rushed to hospital, where he spent an agonising four days.  In an attempt to repair the damage to his hand, the man had no choice but to endure skin grafting surgical procedures.

Shaw Pallet Ltd, located on Bridge Street, in Slaithwaite, admitted to being in breach of Health and Safety at Work regulations after the Health and Safety Executive successfully prosecuted the firm.  Shaw Pallet was given a fine of £7,500 and was also ordered to pay a total of £2,410 in court costs as well.

In a statement given after the hearing, one inspector for the HSE remarked that the incident could have been completely prevented if only the pallet firm had taken steps to limit access to the dangerous moving parts of its block saws.

The woodworking industry has one of the highest injury rates for the entire manufacturing sector, according to official figures.  Many injured workers go on to successfully claim personal injury compensation from their employers for their injuries.

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