Botched prank leads to £1,000 personal injury compensation

A botched egg prank on a schoolgirl has turned rotten for one Sunderland man, after he has been ordered to pay out £1,000 in personal injury compensation.

According to personal injury solicitor experts writing for the Sunderland Echo newspaper, the incident occurred because of Grindon Gardens native Jay Gomes, aged eighteen, had purchased a carton of eggs.  Mr Gomes had bought the eggs intending to drive around the streets of Sunderland and throw them at passers by, but one of his victims suffered serious eye injuries when she was struck with one of the tossed eggs.

A thirteen year old schoolgirl, whose identity was kept confidential due to privacy laws, suffered serious and permanent impairment to her vision when the thrown egg impacted directly in her eye.  The schoolgirl had been walking with friends along the side of the road when a car approached them, according to the girl’s accident solicitor.

In the aftermath of the incident, the thirteen year old needed hospital treatment in order to remove the egg shell fragments that had become embedded in her eye.  After learning that she would have long-lasting consequences from the injury that could permanently affect her vision, the young girl is now afraid to walk around in public in case she is embroiled in a similar situation.

Mr Gomes entered a plea of guilty to causing actual bodily harm in court and was given a sentence of thirty six weeks’ worth of incarceration, with a two year suspension.  The eighteen year old was also told he would be completing 200 hours of unpaid work, be subject to a four month long curfew between 7.30 pm and 6 am, and would be paying the injured girl £1,000 in personal injury compensation.

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