Blind man suffers eye injury, considers compensation claim

After walking into an over-hanging branch and suffering an eye injury, one blind man from Coventry is considering bringing personal injury claims for his injuries.

Foleshill native Mohammed Mansha, fifty one years of age, was rushed to hospital in order to be treated for his injuries in the wake of the incident, according to personal injury solicitor experts familiar with the case.  The incident, which occurred in close proximity to the bus station in city centre on Cox Street, has been a serious blow to Mr Mansha’s confidence, according to a recent interview with the Coventry Telegraph newspaper.

Mr Mansha had only begun to venture out unassisted, he told the newspaper, when he caught a branch in the eye, which damaged it, while he was walking along the street next to the National Express bus depot.  The bushes lining the street were over-grown and causing obstructions to pedestrians in the form of over-hanging branches at approximately head height, Mr Mansha added, and due to his vision difficulties he had no fore-warning..

Mr Mansha was diagnosed with a ‘grazed’ eye after visiting the University Hospital in Walsgrave’s specialist eye unit, where he had been referred to when he walked into the Hillfields medical centre to treat his injury.  Since the injury, the fifty one year old man has sent a letter of complaint to National Express, in addition to several photographs documenting the low-hanging branches and even going so far as to threaten the bus company with a personal injury compensation case if the issue is not rectified to his approval.

One National Express spokesperson said that maintenance around the depot was taken quite seriously, which meant that bushes surrounding the property were trimmed regularly.

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