Woman wins personal injury compensation after boat fall

A woman recently won personal injury compensation for the injuries she sustained after falling from a boat during a work Christmas party.

The party took place aboard a pleasure cruiser with a dance floor. After dancing with one of her friends, the woman went to sit on a seat at the edge of the cruiser. However, the top bar of part of the guard rail had not been lowered into place and when the woman leant back against the railing she fell into the water below.

As a result of the fall, the victim contracted a blood infection and required hospital treatment. Furthermore, she suffered post traumatic stress and had to have counselling.

The woman contacted a firm of personal injury solicitors because she felt the accident would not have happened if the guard rail had been lowered correctly. She asked her lawyers to lodge a personal injury claim against the boat company for failing to adhere to health and safety procedures.

The cruiser company denied liability for the accident and the case continued to court. Witnesses were able to provide statements and the hospital attested to the victim’s injuries. The Judge agreed that the boat company was responsible for the woman’s accident and awarded compensation to cover loss of earnings as well as the injuries she sustained.

Personal injuries can and do occur at parties and as we near the festive party season, organisers should make sure adequate safety measures are put in place to avoid accidents.

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