Did Conrad Murray commit medical negligence?

The trial of Conrad Murray, the US doctor accused of committing medical negligence and involuntary manslaughter, began earlier this week in Los Angeles.

Will medical negligence and personal injury solicitors be able to learn anything from this high profile case? The proceedings will no doubt be widely covered by the media who have already informed us that eight out of the twelve jurors are Michael Jackson fans.

Dr Murray has admitted prescribing sedatives to Jackson, including the drug Propofol, an anaesthetic which helps patients with insomnia to go to sleep. Solicitors acting on behalf of Murray claim that the prescribed doses would not have caused Jackson’s death and that the singer had been taking more than the recommended dose.

The defence team have already suffered a serious setback when the court denied them permission to show footage of the singer’s final UK news conference. The team says this footage showed that Michael Jackson was ‘under the influence’ of drugs in the period leading up to his planned comeback concerts in London.

Medical examiners have already determined that Jackson died due to an overdose of sedatives and Propofol. The burning question is whether or not the singer ignored the advice of his physician.

The jury will have a very difficult task when it comes to determining a verdict and if Dr Murray is found guilty, will Jackson’s family then be able to claim to engage medical negligence solicitors and claim compensation from him? One feels that the backwash of this case could carry on for many years to come.

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