Personal injury claim lodged after 3 year old hurt at nursery

A three year old has won personal injury compensation of more than £2,000 after being involved in an accident at a nursery.

The child, under the supervision of a nursery staff member, had built a tower from large, wooden building blocks. He then left the room with a teacher, but was later allowed back into the room unsupervised.

The teachers had not dismantled the tower, even though the blocks were very heavy, and when the boy went back into the room, he ran into the tower. The blocks collapsed and crushed one of the boy’s fingers, dislocating a bone which required hospital treatment. In fact, the boy had to make several visits to the hospital because the injury also caused an infection to develop.

The mother of the boy approached a team of specialist personal injury solicitors to file a claim against the nursery. The nursery denied liability for the accident and the case had to go to court.

Evidence was produced that none of the nursery employees saw the accident occur and the Judge agreed that there was insufficient supervision. He also said that the tower should have been taken down, because the heavy structure posed a serious risk of personal injury to small children.

When mother’s trust the care of their child to a nursery, they are entitled to expect adequate measures have been put in place to ensure their child’s safety. If your child has been injured in any way whilst in the care of others, you may be entitled to raise a personal injury claim.

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