Fork lift accident leads to serious personal injury at work

An accident with a fork lift truck has led to a serious personal injury at work for one employee of  Lancashire company who sustained severe head injuries.

The twenty nine year old worker, whose name was withheld from the media due to privacy concerns, had been employed at Leigh-based Serviceplan Contracts Ltd, of Smallbrook Lane, when he tumbled from the roof of a fork lift truck and suffered a grievous head wound, according to his personal injury claims.

Personal injury solicitors told the Trafford Magistrates’ Court that the employee had been attempting to gain access to the roof of the vehicle in order to carry out maintenance to the lifting equipment of the fork lift truck at the time of the incident.  The Government’s Health and Safety Executive investigated the man’s fall, discovering that it had been  Serviceplan’s common practise to allow workers to climb upon vehicles when they were in need of servicing, yet no climbing equipment, such as a stepladder, was ever provided by the employer.

The HSE successfully prosecuted the company in court for its part in the worker’s injuries, which led to Serviceplan Contracts Ltd being given a fine of  £1,000 and also being ordered to pay court costs of £1,000 after making the admission that it had breached Work at Height Regulations.  An HSE inspector spoke after the court hearing, stating that Serviceplan had not taken into account how dangerous working at height could be, and their neglect had led to one employee suffering a severe head injury.


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