Pedestrian wins more than £5,500 personal injury compensation

Personal injury solicitors recently won more than £5,500 compensation for a man who was hit by a van.

The man was walking through a car park to reach his vehicle when he saw the van reversing. He decided the safest course of action was to walk in front of the moving vehicle. However, as he was doing so, the driver of the van stopped reversing and suddenly put his vehicle into forward drive without checking that the way was clear.

The vehicle hit the pedestrian, causing him to suffer long-term injuries to his knee and back. The van driver left the scene of the accident without providing his personal details, but the victim noted down the vehicle’s registration number and he was traced. The pedestrian’s life was affected by problems to the injured knee for over 12 months.

In the wake of the accident, the victim decided to ask an accident solicitor to lodge a personal injury claim against the driver due to the latter’s negligence and lack of due care and attention. Initially, the defendant’s legal team did not offer any form of settlement and so court proceedings were instigated.

However, before the case reached the court, the defendant did make a personal injury compensation offer that was acceptable to the victim.

Reputable personal injury solicitors are the best people to contact if you have suffered injuries as a result of a road traffic accident.



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