Will English tests reduce medical negligence?

Andrew Lansley, the health secretary, has said that foreign doctors will have to pass a test in the English language before they are allowed to work for the NHS.

The move follows a number of medical negligence scandals involving medical professionals with a poor grasp of the English language, such as Daniel Ubani.

In fact Dr Ubani was turned down for a position in Leeds due to his poor command of English, and yet he still managed to secure work as a locum and give a patient a fatal overdose of painkillers.

Meanwhile, people can now get information on how to make a personal injury claim through their mobile phone, thanks to two new websites recently launched by the National Accident Helpline.

The National Accident Helpline is an accident claims specialist and leading marketing group for personal injury solicitors. Last year, the Kettering based company launched its underdog website to provide jargon-free information for people wanting to claim personal injury compensation.

More and more of us now use smartphones and tablets such as the iPad for our Internet browsing. Anyone who visits one of the National Accident Helplineā€™s sites from their smartphone will be redirected automatically to the mobile websites with their concise content and click to call buttons.

Users of the NAH websites will still be able to access compensation calculators and video content but will find there is less need to scroll up and down pages.

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