Personal injury solicitor speaks out on proposed new law

One personal injury solicitor from Shropshire recently spoke out on a newly proposed law, stating that it would not only reduce personal injury compensation levels but bar access to justice for road traffic accident victims.

Adam Hodson, an accident solicitor with FBC Manby Bowdler LLP, a law firm based in Shropshire, stated that a new bill that had just reached the House of Commons could spell the end of proper levels of compensation for innocent victims of car accidents by reducing legal costs and compensation levels.  Much like the referral fee ban the government has already promised, the new bill is already seeking to reduce the amount of compensation accident victims are entitled to on the basis of a compensation level reassessment, added Mr Hodson.

The bill also proposes to slash the fixed fee permitted for personal injury lawyers to conduct an assessment of an accident victim’s case to only £100.  This would result in insurers being unable to complete these assessments in a timely manner, said Mr Hodson, as a solicitor needs to have the freedom to have a discussion with the client in order to have a grasp of the injured party’s symptoms, which includes obtaining medical reports and other related activities.

Solicitors are bound by duty to conduct a full investigation in to the current problems, symptoms, and needs of a client, said Mr Hodson, and any given case could consist of highly complex factors such as providing care and rehabilitation for the injured party or a discussion regarding lost earnings.  Cutting these initial costs in half could have a negative effect on the quality of legal advice received by an accident victim or even mean they will end up being responsible for the cost, the solicitor said.

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