Faulty chair costs hotel £6,500 in personal injury compensation

A woman who received a back injury after sitting on a faulty chair has been awarded personal injury compensation of £6,500.

The accident happened while she was having a hotel meal with members of her family. The chair she was sitting on suddenly collapsed and the woman fell to the floor. She suffered soft tissue injury to the lower area of her back and required physiotherapy treatment over a period of months.

When the faulty chair was examined, it became apparent that one of its legs had sheared away completely.

The woman contacted a firm of personal injury solicitors and asked them to file a personal injury claim on her behalf. She felt that the hotel had been negligent in their duty to ensure all their facilities were regularly maintained. If regular inspections had been carried out, the problem with the chair would have been picked up and acted upon.

The hotel did admit liability for the accident but in the first instance they offered a very low level of compensation which did not reflect the severity of her injuries. Her personal injury lawyers began negotiations with the hotel management and were eventually able to secure a settlement of £6,500 for her.

Accidents such as this one do occasionally happen and if you have been a victim of somebody else’s negligence, you may also be entitled to make an accident claim. The best way to go about this is always to contact a reputable firm of personal injury solicitors.

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