Surgeon costs NHS £1 million and he’s still working for them!

A hospital trust in Yorkshire has already paid £1 million in personal injury compensation to ten patients that underwent surgery which went seriously wrong. It now faces an additional 85 complaints in what is set to become one of the largest medical negligence claims against one individual surgeon.

The surgeon in question, Manjit Bharma, has been referred to the GMC on two occasions but is now operating out of a different hospital which says it has no concerns about employing him.

Whilst working as an orthopaedic surgeon at Rotherham Hospital, the 55 year old is charged with leaving patients who had hip replacement operations in so much pain that they were unable to leave their homes. Ten cases have been settled so far with compensation awards of between £1,750 and £500,000 being paid to victims.

Medical negligence solicitors are now considering the new wave of complaints, most of which surround the surgeon’s last two years at the Rotherham Hospital. The personal injury solicitors said they were amazed at how many patients have contacted them.

Despite this deluge of complaints, Bharma now works at Wakefield’s Pinderfields General Hospital and for the private Care UK Group.

A lawyer from Irwin Mitchell explained that the firm has raised concerns with the GMC over the sheer number of complaints but has not received a response.

Surely very loud alarm bells should be ringing in the hospitals concerned if a surgeon has nearly 100 complaints raised against him.

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