Barman wins £9,000 after suffering personal injury at work

A barman who suffered a personal injury at work has won £9,000 compensation from his employer in a case that took three years to settle.

In the course of his work, the man had to climb down a ladder in order to take down a promotional banner. When he reached out for the banner, he slipped and tumbled to the ground. As a direct result of the fall, the barman suffered a broken heel bone in his right leg.

The victim felt that his employer had been negligent and therefore he got in touch with a firm of personal injury solicitors and instructed them to instigate legal proceedings against the company that employed him.

During the course of the personal injury compensation negotiations, it became apparent that the barman’s immediate superior was standing at the foot of the ladder when the accident occurred.

The employer did not admit full liability for the accident, claiming that the victim acted negligently and was fully aware that an accident could occur. However, the personal injury lawyer in charge of the case said the barman had simply been following instructions.

The lawyer explained that employers have a responsibility to ensure that their employees are kept safe at all times and in this instance they had been negligent in their duty. They were responsible for planning, accessing and making sure the work was carried out safely and that included the provision of appropriate safety wear and equipment.


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