Woman awarded more than £8,000 after personal injury at work

Personal injury solicitors have secured more than £8,000 compensation for a woman who suffered a personal injury at work.

The woman was working as a kitchen assistant and on the day of the accident, she had been asked to help out in a kitchen that was unfamiliar to her. Usually, she carried out cleaning duties, but on the day in question she needed to help prepare the kitchen for the daily cooking activities. This meant she needed to light the oven. As she was carrying out this task, with the aid of a colleague, the oven exploded.

The blast threw the victim away from the oven and she suffered injuries to her shoulder and neck when she fell. She also sustained burns to her face. The women needed to take time off work in order to recover and she relied quite heavily on the help of family members. She also needed physiotherapy and treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder.

An engineer was sent to examine the oven after the accident and it was discovered to be faulty and deemed unfit for use. The victim felt that her employer was responsible for the accident on the grounds that she was supplied with faulty work equipment. She therefore asked personal injury lawyers to help her file a personal injury claim.

Luckily the employer did accept liability and an interim payment was secured for the woman. The initial personal injury compensation offer was not deemed high enough so negotiations began until an acceptable offer of more than £8,000 was made.




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