Personal injury solicitors win big for injured council workers

Personal injury solicitors have won thousands of pounds for injured Leicestershire council workers over the past few years, according recently released official figures.

Personal injury compensation experts writing for the Leicester Mercury newspaper have reported that The Leicester Mercury is reporting that £356,000 has been paid out to more than sixty staff members of the Leicester City Council over the past three years due to personal injury at work.

The highest amount paid, £50,000, went to a victim of mesothelioma, a particularly aggressive form of lung cancer thought to be caused by asbestos fibres, while an employee who suffered an injury to their back received the smallest payment award for £1,200.  Other payouts made by the council included £40,000 to one of its employees after they were caught in an explosion, £12,000 to another who fell over and damaged their teeth, and a £18,969 award to an employee who broke their hip after they collided with another colleague.

One council spokesperson remarked that all of the personal injury compensation claims made by council workers were investigated fully, with the council only making payments if it was sure that it was the party at fault for the incident.  Meanwhile, the Leicestershire County Council paid out a total of £357,000 throughout a slightly longer five year time frame.

County council employees made claims for as little as £876, after a worker sustained an electric shock while they removed a plug, to as much as £130,000 for a road traffic accident in which a county council worker sustained life threatening head injuries.

In response to the news, one local union representative remarked that the council was responsible for ensuring the safety of all of its employees whilst in the workplace.

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