Wigan food processing worker suffers personal injury at work

One Wigan food processing firm worker recently sustained personal injury at work when her arm was caught in a machine for blanching potatoes, according to personal injury solicitor experts familiar with the case.

The Platt Bridge native, whose name was not made public due to privacy and legal reasons, had been employed at the Ince Bakkavor Foods Ltd facility on Dobson Park Way at the time of the incident.  The 22 year old woman’s personal injury claims state that she suffered harm as a result of her arm becoming caught between a conveyor belt and a roller on the potato machine, which had not been guarded.

The incident left the woman, who was employed as a hygiene worker for Bakkavor Foods Ltd, with both a broken arm and a dislocated elbow, both of which precluded her from returning to work for a period of eight months.  In the aftermath of the incident, the Government’s Health and Safety Executive investigated the matter, discovering that the machine had not been guarded adequately, and that the rollers were regularly cleaned be employees while the rollers were still rotating.

Spalding, Lincolnshire based Bakkavor Foods Ltd, of West Marsh Road, appeared before Trafford Magistrates’ Court, where the firm entered a plea of guilty for breaching the Provision and Use of Work Equipment rules.  As a result, the company was given a fine of £10,000 and further instructed to pay a total of £2,026 in court costs.

After the court hearing was concluded, the HSE inspector that investigated the incident remarked that it was nearly an inevitability that someone suffered injuries eventually, as the potato machine had been in operation for more than a decade without a guard.  In the time since, the firm has made it possible to clean the rollers without the risks of being dragged in by installing a wire mesh guard over them.

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