Could Gurra Rufa fish be a cause of personal injury claims

Are personal injury solicitors going to see a raft of personal injury claims from people who have been bitten by fish?

Having your feet nibbled by Gurra Rufa fish is an activity that hundreds of UK people enjoy, but experts now warn that owners of these fish may be leaving themselves open to personal injury compensation claims.

The fish eat dead skin from the feet of customers leaving them feeling nice and soft. However, this spa treatment has now been banned in certain US states.

There are fears that somebody using the tank with an infection could pass it on to other people causing them a personal injury. An open wound can easily transmit infections if something untoward is in the water.

The Health Protection Agency found micro-organisms in the water of Gurra Rufa fish tanks and has now warned that infections could be spread from water to human, fish to human or human to human.

Although this news might sound worrying, the risks to a person without open skin or cuts on their feet are extremely low.

A consultant epidemiologist said that as long as a salon has good hygiene standards, the risk of catching an infection from a Gurra Rufa fish spa pedicure is low. Salons should make sure they conduct a thorough examination of a client’s foot before allowing them to use this treatment.

Customers who do become ill following Gurra Rufa fish treatment could be entitled to claim compensation citing the negligence of spa staff.




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