North East teachers receive £80,000 accident compensation

Personal injury compensation payments for injuries sustained at the region’s schools have cost North East councils in excess of £200,000 over the past two years.

Pupils have been successful in personal injury claims for falls, slips and trips and received compensation awards ranging from between £50 and £23,000.

One pupil from Newcastle received compensation of just over £6,000 after a slip on stairs and another was awarded slightly over £11,500 after being hit accidentally with a bat. A slippery floor cost a North East council £11,500 after a pupil fell on it whilst £6,200 was the price to pay when a pupil fell from a climbing frame.

A Northumberland boy, who suffered a cut on his foot from a tile, received over £7,000 compensation, while a North Tyneside student was awarded £2,500 for an injury sustained after a rope swing snapped.

During the same two-year period, teachers were awarded more than £80,000 in personal injury at work compensation.

A Newcastle City Council spokesperson explained that it was impossible to make schools completely accident free and the council would pay up if it was liable for any injuries. However, the council said it would always defend unfounded claims.

A reputable firm of personal injury solicitors will always be happy to advise clients who have suffered a personal injury whilst on council property, including schools. As the Council spokesperson pointed out, accidents will happen, but victims are entitled to receive recompense when they do.

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