Personal injury solicitors win £4,500 for injured employee

A restaurant worker recently received £4,500 personal injury compensation after suffering a personal injury at work.

The victim was employed in a restaurant kitchen when one of the refrigerators began to leak causing a puddle of water to accumulate on the kitchen floor. Nobody cleaned up the water, and no warning signs were positioned to make people aware of the hazard.

The man slipped on the wet floor and his knee hit a nearby table. The force was considerable and as a result the man required surgery, followed by physiotherapy. It took about a year before he was fully recovered from his injury and this obviously had an effect on his ability to do any sort of physical activity, including work.

The injured man contacted a firm of personal injury solicitors to take up his case. He believed that the accident would not have occurred if adequate health and safety measures were in place in the workplace and he asked the lawyers to file a personal injury claim on his behalf.

The employer did admit liability for the incident and negotiations began to agree a mutually acceptable level of compensation. A medical expert was called on to provide a detailed report on the victim’s injury and a financial report confirmed his financial losses, including the earnings he lost and the cost of prescriptions throughout his recovery.

Personal injuries do occur in the workplace and in many instances these are due to a breach of the health and safety regulations. If you have been a victim and feel you are due some form of recompense from your employer, you should contact a firm of personal injury lawyers as soon as possible.

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