Personal injury solicitors hold seminar in Manchester

Last week, leading personal injury solicitors from the UK, Europe and the US gathered in Manchester to discuss the challenges faced by people who suffer personal injuries abroad.

The seminar, which dealt with handling personal injury claims across international borders, looked at the additional problems faced by people who suffer serious injuries while overseas.

Seminar organiser, Gerard McDermott QC, explained that there is a lot of bureaucracy to untangle if somebody is injured abroad. EU member states have different regulations and it can be very difficult for a foreigner to claim personal injury compensation.

During the winter season, a lot of Europeans travel to other EU destinations, and even further afield, to participate in winter activities like skiing and snowboarding. Personal injury lawyers therefore need to be aware of the procedures for making personal injury claims in other jurisdictions.

Victims and their families have enough to cope with if somebody suffers a life-changing injury and it is vital that the claims process is not hampered simply because of cross border elements, he added.

The seminar included specialists in the fields of spinal injuries, road traffic accidents, aviation malpractice and medical negligence, all of who had a wealth of experience in cross-border claims.

Although it can be lovely to look out at crisp, freshly fallen snow, winter always brings with it a range of hazards. Personal injury solicitors see many people who have suffered injuries through falling on ice or slipping on wet floors. Prevention is always better than cure and everyone should take extra care during the winter months.



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