Personal injury claims due to RTAs always increase in winter

A Lancashire personal injury solicitor has warned motorists to be extra vigilant about sticking to the law when driving in winter.

Last week, motorcyclist Peter Sarchet was killed in a crash on the M65. Although there is no proof that the tragedy was anything other than a mishap, accident solicitor Philip Cuerden warned that more RTAs do occur during the long dark nights as people fail to take driving conditions in consideration.

During the winter months, there is an alarming increase in the number of personal injury claims, due to various causes including drink driving, speeding and driving carelessly.

The motorcyclist’s death came only a few days after a pensioner required treatment in hospital after sustaining injuries in an accident on the same motorway.

Mr Cuerden urged motorists to cut down their speed and stay within the law when driving in residential areas and side streets, as well as on A roads and motorways. He went on to advise drivers to check their blind spots and be on the lookout for pedestrians and motorcyclists.

Furthermore, it is essential to remain alert at all times when behind the wheel and motorists should take a break from driving if they feel tiredness creeping in.

December is the month when people start getting into the Christmas spirit and enjoying festive parties. But motorists should make sure they leave the car at home if they want to enjoy a drink. Accidents caused by drink driving always increase at this time of year.




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