No win no fee lawyers fight hard for their clients, experts say

While no win no fee lawyers have been on the receiving end of a bit of grief recently thanks to the Government and news media bemoaning the rise of the so-called ‘compensation culture,’ these personal injury solicitors work hard to make sure their clients get the compensation they deserve.

It can be devastating to suffer personal injuries in the wake of an accident – especially if you were not directly at fault for the incident in question.  When dealing with a serious injury and its aftermath, often the last thing an injured party considers is whether or not they should seek personal injury compensation, especially since the idea of paying solicitors’ fees can seem incredibly daunting.

However, due to conditional fee agreements, more popularly known as ‘no win no fee‘ agreements, claimants don’t need to worry about paying massive legal bills out of pocket.  With the no win no fee system, what you see is what you get: if your solicitor doesn’t win your compensation case, then they don’t collect any fees.

Moreover, even if you do win your case, you may not need to pay your lawyer’s success fees out of your compensation payment.  In some instances, lawyers are permitted to claim their fees from the losing party; otherwise the payment due to your solicitor is known up-front to you before the beginning of the case, and is a small percentage of your compensation award.

Experienced lawyers will make the complexities of the paperwork plain to you by guiding you through the sometimes confusing and intimidating process of pursuing a claim, and will work tirelessly in your favour and on your behalf.

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