Toilet seat collapses under obese woman’s weight

Personal injury solicitors in Birmingham deal with a wide variety of compensation claims on a regular basis.

One recent case involved a woman who sustained a personal injury at work whilst in the employ of Birmingham City Council. The woman in question was on the large side and she sustained an injury when she sat on a toilet seat that collapsed under her weight. The woman was awarded personal injury compensation of £1,750.

In the last five years, 274 successful personal injury at work claims have been made by employees of the City Council. It has paid out more compensation then any other UK local authority, with awards totalling almost £5 million.

Other personal injury claims against the Council included a staff member who tripped on a defective path and was awarded £3,250 and an employee who claimed a table fell on their big toe and broke it.

A Birmingham City Council spokesperson said it employed almost 50,000 staff and 274 claims was a mere drop in the ocean. However, it did acknowledge that there was always room for improvement where staff safety is concerned.

If you have suffered a personal injury in the workplace and feel that your employer failed to take the precautions necessary to protect your safety, you should get in touch with a firm of reputable personal injury lawyers without delay. It may still be possible for them to file a claim on your behalf through the no win no fee system.

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