Personal injury solicitors target mountain bikers

Personal injury solicitors are targeting mountain bikers who are considering making a personal injury claim after suffering a fall.

The Brain Injury Group has placed advertisements in the Mountain Bike UK magazine urging people who find it harder to concentrate following a head injury to contact them.

Cycling Scotland says the sport is well organised and participants are responsible helmet wearing individuals.

However, Doug Phelan, the marketing director of the Brain Injury Group, said that lives can be destroyed by an accident. BIG provides victims and their families with practical solutions, especially in cases where the breadwinner is confined to hospital for some time.

Doctors have previously called for a review of mountain-bike safety. In 2009, David Allen from Glasgow’s Southern General Hospital called for an urgent review of the sport, saying that head injuries do still occur occasionally even when a helmet is worn.

Douglas Gentleman from the brain injury rehabilitation unit at Dundee’s Royal Victoria Hospital said he had treated one mountain biker with a brain injury but that had been sustained in Spain. He went on to say that people who take the sport seriously, will take the necessary precautions to ensure their safety.

Headway, the brain injury association, believes that all cyclists should wear a helmet. Mountain bikers don’t have to contend with traffic but there are various natural obstacles that can cause them to fall and hit their head.

The responsibility for keeping mountain bike tracks safe for cyclists falls to the Forestry Commission. Cyclists who suffer falls whilst on these tracks are within their rights to file a claim for personal injury compensation citing negligence on the part of the Commission.





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