Personal injury solicitors win £11,000 for man with injured foot

A man has recently received personal injury compensation to the tune of £11,000 after his foot was injured in an accident in a supermarket. 

The victim had visited a major supermarket to purchase a piece of flat-pack furniture when the incident occurred. He selected the item he wanted to buy and lifted the box from the shelf. However, the packaging was defective and the large contents fell out of the box and onto his foot.

The man needed hospital treatment for a fracture and a ruptured cartilage to his big toe. The injury took some time to heal and for about a month he had to wear special footwear.

He has since been able to carry out his normal activities, but he will probably develop arthritis in his toe and require surgery in the future.

The victim contacted a personal injury solicitor because he felt the accident would not have happened if the supermarket had been more careful and not displayed the faulty box. A personal injury claim was then lodged against the supermarket.

The store failed to make an offer of compensation and so court proceedings were instigated. However, before the case got to trial, a suitable settlement was negotiated.

In the run up to Christmas, instances of accidents such as this could increase. If you are hurt, through no fault of your own, while doing your festive shopping, make sure to contact a reputable personal injury solicitor for advice if you want to make a compensation claim.


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