Personal injury at work suffered by Lincolnshire builder

One worker employed by a building company in Lincolnshire sustained serious personal injury at work when he drilled through a buried electric cable by accident and suffered serious electrical burns, personal injury solicitor experts recently reported.

North Linolnshire native Richard Baisley, from Schunthorpe, had been instructed to erect a new company sign at the outside premises of his employer, Kim Barker Construction Ltd, when the twenty six year old drilled through an electric cable carrying 415 volts, causing an electrical explosion that left in covered in serious burns on his upper body and head while he convalesced over a three day period in hospital.

According to his injury solicitors, Mr Baisley’s injuries were so serious that he has not been able to continue work as a welder, his original career, because his skin has become hypersensitive to extreme temperatures.  The man’s severe injuries prompted the Government’s Health and Safety Executive to intervene and conduct an investigation, resulting in the former welder’s employers to be prosecuted in Scunthorpe Magistrates’ Court.

After it admitted to violating the terms of the Electricity at Work Regulations at the time of the hearing, Scunthorpe based Kim Barker Construction Ltd, of Flixborough Industrial Estate, was given a £13,000 fine and instructed to pay court fees of £2,039.10 following the HSE’s successful prosecution.  After the hearing was concluded, the HSE inspector that prosecuted the building company remarked that serious and quite possibly deadly consequences could result from even the most simple of tasks without proper supervision and planning.

It is understood that Mr Baisley may be considering making a claim against his former employers for his personal injury at work in order to compensate him for pain, suffering, and lost wages.

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