Personal injury solicitors launch claim for injured girl

Personal injury solicitors have recently launched a personal injury compensation claim on behalf of a young girl from South Tyneside after meeting with the girl’s mother, industry experts recently reported.

Biddick Hall native Donna Taylor, a thirty three year old single mum from South Shields, recounted how Levy, her eight year old daughter, suffered injury on her way home from school after she tripped over a pothole.  Little Levy sustained both swelling and bruising after she tripped, and her mother blames South Tyneside Council for not taking action to remedy the dangerous potholes that they had been warned about, according to the family’s personal injury lawyers. Ms Taylor is now suing the council to compensate her daughter for her injuries on the grounds that they had negligently failed to fill in the potholes in question.

Ms Taylor had been shocked to hear how her daughter had taken such a nasty spill that an ambulance crew had been called to attend little Levy, as a friend phoned her to recount the news.  At first, the 33 year old mother thought that her daughter had been struck by a car and rushed over to the scene of the incident, only to discover that it was instead because she had tripped on one of eight large sized pot holes in the vicinity.

While the holes have been filled in the wake of the incident, the local authority needs to be held responsible for Levy’s injuries, according to a member of Ms Taylor’s legal team, adding that the young girl was lucky that her injuries had not been even more serious.

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